Somewhere in the history of blogging, the about page became obligatory. I’m not sure why. That’s one of the questions I have.

I have a lot of questions. This blog used to be an attempt to hash out the answers. The answers seem less important now, and this is more a way to record the journey.

Why did I use to used to hate public speaking, and now I coach public speakers?

Why did I once consider leadership as something for “them,” not me, but now I study it with a passion?

Why is it that most people think other people should rule over them, and view those of us who don’t think that way as crazy?

Why do I pass judgement on a home based on how many bookshelves line its walls?

Why do I consider Pixar to be the gold standard when it comes to creative storytelling?

Why do I bring the torment of a fiction writer’s life upon myself?

Why do I love to stain my hands with fountain pen ink rather than playing it safe with a ballpoint?

Why am I increasingly awed by the “reckless, raging fury that they call the love of God” (Mullins)?

Pretty much the only thing I know for certain is this: my name is Jessica. And I hope you’ll stick around this blog long enough for us to become friends. Feel free to shoot any questions you have my way on the Contact page, or email me directly at treasonoustruth(little round mark thing)gmail(dot thing)com (replace parentheses with applicable symbols :)).