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Hotel Mumbai

I don’t remember the events of Hotel Mumbai happening in late 2008, though I was following the news pretty regularly by that time. I’m not sure whether I just didn’t read the paper that day (we got a real newspaper back in those days, the kind that was tossed out a minivan window early each morning), or whether the story was buried under post-election rants. Regardless, I wasn’t familiar with the story prior to watching this film.

Based on the 2009 documentary Surviving Mumbai (which I have not seen), the film details the events of November 26-29, 2008, in Mumbai, … Read the rest

Dumbo (2019)

The trailer for the remake of Dumbo was, for a long time, one of my favorite trailers. Going to the theater twice a week or more, I saw it frequently, and loved everything about it. From the vibrancy of the circus atmosphere to the addition of human characters to the story, there seemed to be real potential. At 64 minutes, the original 1941 classic is one of Disney’s shortest feature films, yet packed with plenty of material to expand upon. Long story short, I had high hopes for this film.

It fell short.

It wasn’t Dumbo’s ears that weighed it … Read the rest


As films go, there’s nothing particularly distinctive about this one. It’s a historical drama, insofar as an event that is not yet 50 years old is history. It’s dramatic because the events it portrays are dramatic. It’s a straightforward story, told without embellishment, and as I overheard one lady say to another as we left the theater, “It didn’t make me like him [Ted Kennedy] any better.”

Chappaquiddick is light on the events leading up to the fateful night of Mary Jo Kopechne’s death. Aside from a short conversation with Ted Kennedy, in which it is revealed that she worked … Read the rest

Overboard (2018)

The 1987 Overboard is one of my mom’s favorite movies, and one that she was eager to share with me when I was old enough. Over thirty years later, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell still hold their own in what remains a clever and funny comedy, good for a laugh even though we all know how it’s going to end.

The remake, on the other hand, feels more like a cheap start-of-summer box office cash grab that will flicker across the big screen and disappear into the $3 DVD bargain bin at Best Buy in a few months.

It’s not … Read the rest

A Quiet Place

Note: spoilers abound.

I wanted to like A Quiet Place. The concept is brilliant and worthy of being liked. Which is why I was reluctant to see it—I wanted to keep the idea alive in my mind, unspoiled by average execution. But everyone I talked to had nothing but positive things to say, and the internet stood by it almost unanimouslyOne guy even said it made him want to be a better dad. So I caved.

It was better in my imagination.

The film revolves around a single family of five—dad, mom, sister, two brothers—who must live … Read the rest

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