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Dumbo (2019)

The trailer for the remake of Dumbo was, for a long time, one of my favorite trailers. Going to the theater twice a week or more, I saw it frequently, and loved everything about it. From the vibrancy of the circus atmosphere to the addition of human characters to the story, there seemed to be real potential. At 64 minutes, the original 1941 classic is one of Disney’s shortest feature films, yet packed with plenty of material to expand upon. Long story short, I had high hopes for this film.

It fell short.

It wasn’t Dumbo’s ears that weighed it … Read the rest

Isle of Dogs

Wes Anderson’s style is nothing if not distinctive. Quirky, colorful, and tongue-in-cheek, his productions are sprinkled with childlike whimsy, but are anything but childish. He makes commercials that warm your heartpokes fun at his own work, and flawlessly executes feature-length stop-motion films, like Isle of Dogs.

As the story goes, the Japanese archipelago is overrun with trash and diseased dogs, so the latter are banished to an island made of the former. Five of these dogs—Chief, Rex, Duke, Boss, and King—form a loose democratic pack, where decisions are made by popular vote. The mayor’s nephew, Atari, steals … Read the rest

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