On Wednesday we explored the issue of negative freedom and positive freedom and the conflicts between the two.  We concluded that yes, negative freedoms can and should exist without the interference of positive freedoms.  (If you missed the post, click here to read it).  As invariably happens in such situations, I opened my Facebook feed yesterday to discover a short video on precisely this topic…just a few hours too late!

Dr. Aeon Skoble does a phenomenal job explaining the differences between negative and positive freedoms (or rights, as he calls them in the videos…they’re all the same thing) – such a good job that I thought it worth posting.

What do you think?  Is Dr. Skoble correct?  Are negative rights “liberties” and positive rights “entitlements”?  Drop a line in the comments!


Further Resources

If you’re interested in studying this subject more, I encourage you to check out the Learn Liberty page this video was originally posted on: Positive Rights vs. Negative Rights.